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Welcome!  My name is Maree Wells.  I live in Christchurch New Zealand.

Online Entrepreneur & Mentor.  Introducing A Complete A-Z SFI online business setup in a Box.

$500 or More weekly.  Don't think its possible?
You either have the wrong business or...
It's a good day to expand your vision! Sure - it will take some work.
Are you up for the challenge? 


My Dollar wise Network is a business branding service. 

I Provide You With The Blue Print And All The Tool's You Need To Promote Your SFI Business Online! 

Remember! " If it's to be, it's up to me"
MY Mission! ONE Team - One Vision - One Goal.

The Triple Clicks Master Card from Payoneer opens up an array of exciting financial benefits for SFI affiliates:

• No need to wait days or weeks for your commission checks to arrive by postal mail!   Instead, get your SFI commissions paid directly to your card, then convert to cash instantly at any ATM machine displaying the MasterCard acceptance mark.
• Use your card to pay bills, to order SFI products at TripleClicks.com, or use your card anywhere else online or offline that accepts MasterCard debit cards!

• Check your balance and more online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• Reload your card with a transfer from your bank account, a Visa, a Mastercard, or cash.
• Your Triple Clicks MasterCard from Payoneer is a powerful recruiting tool, too. Pull out your card and explain how your friends can become SFI affiliates, too, and get money from their own card 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from sales all over the world! An easy and professional way to do this is to give them your X-Card #1.
• The Triple Clicks MasterCard also faciliates our new, "quick pay" commission program.

Simply choose "TripleClicks MasterCard" as your Commission Payment Option. Once you have accumulated $20 in commissions, you will be notified via an alert in the SFI Affiliate Center that you are now eligible and can order your card.

Then, simply return to the page and select the "Click HERE to order your Cash Card" link that will appear on this page, and order your card directly through Payoneer.

Once your card is activated, we will automatically deposit your commissions with the next month's commission run, minus a one-time fee of $9.95 for U.S. affiliates and $19.95 for those outside the U.S. for the cost of processing your card.

Play for fun AND profit!

Why should Affiliates have all the fun? Let your friends, family, coworkers, and others know about the variety of Eager Zebra online games for entertainment, bragging rights, prizes, and more!

Just direct your contacts to the main Eager Zebra page, using your SFI ID number in place of mine.


After signing up as a free member, players can explore all the Eager Zebra games and take FULL advantage of a Zing membership. PLUS...

For every TCredit your Personally Referred Member purchases for a game, an auction, a Triple Clicks product, etc...YOU will earn a handsome commission!

Shop and Earn Rewardicals. 

This is a great SFI Gateway!


Designed to help you attract PRMs (Personally Referred Members) and grow your customer list!  And don’t forget: You now earn handsome 52% Direct Commissions on purchases made by your PRMs! 
PLUS, for every 10 Rewardicals earned by your PRMs (free Rewardicals excluded), you’ll automatically earn 1 Rewardical for yourself!
The new Rewardical Gateway features a bright, modern design and offers your prospects 25 free Rewardicals (on us, at no cost to you) just for signing up! 

NGRQ "No Get Rich Quick" Gateway

Designed for those business owners who want to "filter out" non-serious prospects

(people who believe they can do nothing and that money's just going to fall into their laps),

This Gateway includes an impressive list of reasons to join SFI and lets prospective affiliates know right upfront that there are no shortcuts to success.

Unsure how to set up Commissions view the screen shot.

Hover your mouse over where it reads Income.  Scroll down and Click Commission Collection Option.

Tick the circle beside the pay by Payoneer or Paypal options. Click Green button Submit.

Click the commission Report to view what you have earned.

Weekly View your Genealogy Tab For team over rides.

click where it reads Hot Spot Scroll down and click Genealogy Tab.

Lock in this Package Today at my ECA Store.


Click the SFI Tool box to see all the incentives to lock in your Auto Renewal.

For years I have been supporting my team on how to generate results with following my program.

As of October 2019 I have 6,967 ECA Store CONNECTIONS All Shopping!  

ECA Store Owner SINCE JUNE 15, 2013 

I was one of the 5% of stores Triple Clicks Retained in 2018.










Not a member With SFI View my Badges.

I advertise in Bulk sharing all new sign ups with my team leaders.


For years every week I have been going to my local mall.  Withdrawing my Commissions from my Master card and doing my weekly shopping.

THERE are so many different ways to generate income with SFI.


These figures can change since printing these figures. June 2020.

EA           1500 VP (1000 min VP from sales/purchases; 500 VP
Bronze     2500 VP (2000 VP from sales/purchases) (3) PSAs
Silver       3000 VP (2500 VP from sales/purchases) (3) PSAs,
with the minimum rank of  1  BTL
Gold        3500 VP (3000 VP from sales/purchases)  (3) PSAs,
with the minimum rank of 2  STL
Platinum  4000 VP (3500 VP from sales) (3) PSAs with the minimum rank of GTL
Diamond 4000 VersaPoints (from sales and) 3 PTLs (Platinum Team Leaders) on your first level

BITCOIN    Receive 10 FREE TCredits ($5.90 value) with any $20 order
    Receive 20 FREE TCredits ($9.80 value) with any $35 order
    Receive 25 FREE TCredits ($12.25 value) with any $50 order
    Receive 40 FREE TCredits ($15.20 value) with any $75 order
    Receive 60 FREE TCredits ($19.60 value) with any $100 order
    Receive 100 FREE TCredits ($32.00 value) with any $150 order

AND for any order of $200 or more, you’ll receive 1 FREE TCredit for every dollar spent!  Example: Place an order for $262 and you’ll receive 262 FREE TCredits ($83.84 value).

If you're a Team Leader, it's especially crucial for you to maximize your matches in the Executive Pool in order to take home the biggest commission check you can.
With the Max Match Report, you can easily identify all the places in your organization where extra effort can be applied to create more Executive Pool shares to boost your commissions.

With the Max Match Report, you can easily identify all the places in your organization where extra effort can be applied to create more Executive Pool shares to boost your commissions.
* You score 1500 VP for the month, so you earn 1500 shares of the Executive Pool
* You score 2000 VP for the month, so you earn 2000 shares of the Executive Pool
* You score 2500 VP for the month, so you earn 2500 shares of the Executive Pool
* You score 3000 VP for the month, so you earn 3000 shares of the Executive Pool
* And so on, with no limit to how many total shares you can earn!
                                                             Ea        Br         Sil         Gd            Pl           Dm
Bonus CSAs (monthly)                         10        12         14         16            18           20
Bonus Rewardicals (monthly)               50        60         70         80            90          100
Bonus TCredits (monthly)                     10        12         14         16            18            20
Monthly share of Second Home CSAs               1           2           3              4              6
Private Team Forum                                           6           8         10             12            13


VP can be earned for doing a wide variety of actions (see your SFI To-Do List)
The more VP you score, the more you can earn from the Executive Pool! It's that simple.
Struggling to refer. No problems you start to receive Random CSA Members each month who have no Team Leader Sponsor.  This is the bread and butter with SFI Income.
Imagine your growth in six months time.  Then in a year and  the year after that.
Each month since 2013 I have been receiving new CSA Members in my team.
I am earning from over 3187 (May 2020)  CSA members spending in my Team.