Welcome to my Personal down under portal.  

My name is Maree wells I live in Christchurch New Zealand.
l had been a regular stall holder, selling at the Christchurch Art - Centre Weekend markets for over 25 years. Owned numerous different shops in Christchurch over the past 25 years. 
Joining Trade Me May 2003.  Feedback 1000 993 positive feedback


I am an Online Entrepreneur and Mentor. Life Style Coach for everything affiliate marketing related. Introducing sellers to buyers and advertiser.

Sharing the steps I followed when I transferred my business online after the Christchurch Earthquakes in 2011. Using Face Book For Business Blasting generating sales.
All business owners can duplicate the same system at a fraction of the set up costs other online Guru's charge.  With using GDI as your domain provider.

Our Dollar Wise Network offers you:

The opportunity to start generating a real income! Working From Home.

We are a community of like minded individuals, all with the same goals and desires. How to generate a real income online, avoiding all the false hype and scams you will come across.
Putting money into our pockets and not some one else's.
The Best Trained Team with a 24 months focus and all out massive promotions!


In order to best adapt to the situation at hand, we all are heading into unknown territory with the spread of COVID-19. 
They predict it will take a few years of uncertain times as they work to develop a working vaccine.... 
We all need to adapt to a new way of life for the time being. 

I am gathering all store owners and our community to the one location.

Maree Designs with all the back office access on how and where to promote your Remote Online Business. 

While leveraging your income with our down line builder sales funnel.

   Video Guide Set Up.

G Mail set up


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Our Dollar Wise Network works far better than going it alone.

It gives both you and your referrals a method to establish an affiliate business through team work. 



Learn all their is to know about advertising to world wide clients from the comfort of your own home. 

Setting your own hours and working at your own pace.   The sky really is the limit. 

Simply follow my Dollar Wise Blue Print. Designing your own Traffic Wave Splash Page and Campaign.

No more struggling to get sign ups alone.  Put our team leaders to work for you.

Kiwi's Earn 20% of all client sales paid to your Online Bank Account.  

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Check into my Video Design Page Often as I design Video Packages for Hair Salons, dining out

Computer Repair Stores, Cleaning Agencies, Local Retail Shopify Store Introductions Etc.

Kiwi's may pay via online banking.  Global Members request my Bitcoin Wallet Address to make payment.



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