Generating an income
Welcome to my Personal down under portal. My name is Maree.  
I live in Christchurch New Zealand.
l had been a regular stall holder, selling at the Christchurch Art-Centre Weekend markets for over 25 years. Owned numerous different shops in Christchurch over the past 25 years.
Founding member of Trade Me.  Joining in May 2003.  Feedback 993 993 positive feedback

After the Earthquakes in 2011. I lost everything.
I Needed to relocate and start over from scratch building up my Maree Designs Collection.
I took some time out then decided to  pick myself up in 2013. 
Transferring my Maree Designs On line. Researching the wonders of the internet.

I decided not to reopen another shop instead joining the Triple Click Network.

Opening my own ECA Store in 2013.

There are numerous ways to be rewarded when you shop with Maree Designs.
NEW in 2018!  Any purchases made online at my Triple Click ECA Store OR  Fiverr  Store will earn you Rewardical Tokens.
Not with SFI! You can shop at my Trade Me Maree Designs Store and redeem rewardicals Via the Localvantia Program with out belonging to the SFI Network.

Check out the different On line stores I have registered with the NEW Localvantia Rewardical Program.


All you Kiwi's with a cottage Industry! 

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Kiwi Clothing Kit today!  Wear it, Show it, Sell it.

Kiwi's Looking For A Work From Home Program.
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With locking in your Starter Kit at my ECA Store. Remain Active with checking in monthly.

YOU will receive share holder dividends from all sales. (10% is put into the cash pool kitty)

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I have been dealing With Party Plan sale representative for over 25 years..

Selling my clothing range off line.

Spreading the word throughout New Zealand At the Christchurch Art centre and My Stores before the Christchurch earthquake put a stop to these avenues in 2011.

I rebuilt my business from scratch starting over in 2013 with My Maree Designs Party Plan..

Instead of opening another shop or going back to the markets I transferring my store online.

Trade Me...+ Triple Click Shopping at my ECA Store.

How the System Works..

1...  YOU need to first register Your Account At DWSEarner.

This is how I track the sponsor to record all sales made.

2...  Sign up Free At Trade Me after purchasing your starter kit.

(YOU will need to sign up to Triple Clicks FREE to Purchase.)

3... THEN Register to start receiving Maree Designs Cash Back Rewards. 

Send an email to

Adding your G mail address for communications.

Bitcoin wallet address or Kiwi bank account to receive cash back rewards.

YOU are responsible for your own Tax Records and Payments.

Show all your family and friends my Triple Click Store and Trade Me Listings.

Collect the money from the client.

THEN Purchase the items Via Trade Me or My ECA Store.

Send in proof of purchase receipt.

Every month you will receive an update of what Cash Back Rewards you have earned.

YOU can request the 20% or let it roll over and request 25% when you hit the 2nd Target.


First Target! $10 - $500  

Receive 20% Cash Back Rewards from any of your down line team spending.

Second Target! $500 - $1000

Receive 25% Cash Back Rewards from any of your down line spending.

Hold a Party Plan.  Run A Weekend Market.
Show all your friends my Trade Me Store.

You just sit back and collect the money.

Include your New Zealand Bank account details to pay you.
Hold a Party Plan.  Run A Weekend Market.
Show all your friends my Trade Me Or ECA Store. 
I list Bargains at My Stores to help representatives start building their Party plan Kit..
My Domain Provider.. GDI. Apply for your website today.