Welcome to my Personal down under portal. My name is Maree Wells.  
I live in Christchurch New Zealand.
l had been a regular stall holder, selling at the Christchurch Art - Centre Weekend markets for over 25 years. Owned numerous different shops in Christchurch over the past 25 years.
Joining Trade Me May 2003.  Feedback 1000 993 positive feedback

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Maree Designs is the Founder  & Developer of the Dollar Wise Network.  Established 2009.

I am an Online Entrepreneur and Mentor. Life Style Coach for everything affiliate marketing related. Introducing sellers to buyers and advertiser. Offering training and Starter Set Up Kits at my ECA Store.
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How to generate a real income online, avoiding all the false hype and scams you will come across.  Putting money into our pockets and not some one elses.
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World Wide Global Domination is what Our Online Team are exploring Within Our Dollar Wise Movement.  (Established 2009.)

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