My stories

My name is Maree.   I live in Christchurch New Zealand.

Due to major surgery in 2009.  I was left house bound while awaiting more surgery.

My new saying is. Illness is not a disability. Just a challenge.

I was forced to shut shop after 20 years and concentrate on recovering at home.

This is when I was introduced to the wonders of affiliate marketing. Looking for a way to earn a living working from home. I was determined not to feel sorry for myself and to swing the situation around to my advantage.

The Christchurch earthquakes began in 2010. Partially destroying the city I live in.  2010 and 2011 were a stressful couple of years for me due to these events. 

I have now relocated, recovered from more major surgery in June of 2012.

I was in limbo for a few years. But now I am in great health. I was so pleased I had already foundGDI and SFI.  They were my life line, being able to re-establish my business once again, working from home.

I have written some interesting stories about recovering from major surgery, dealing with a colostomy then a reversal. Also I wrote articles about the Christ church Earthquake and following after shocks.

Yes we have had over 10,000 since the tragic February disaster.

I found the best way to cope with the situation was by taking photo's and writing, to get all the horror's out of my head.

We were forced to relocate, luckily we found a beautiful house at Templeton. 

We have been a lot luckier than others.


Listen to my Video's. 

We are all the masters of our own destiny.


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I really miss the Christchurch Art Centre. I sold my Maree Designs garments here for the past 20 years.

It is so sad, because they will not be up and running again now for years.  

After the earthquakes I decided not to reopen another shop. Instead I transferred my store to triple clicks. Earning a second income while selling.

Be sure to check out my classic range of garments for the fuller figure.

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Maree Designs.

My Motto: No matter what shape or size you are, everyone is entitled to look great. Specialist for the fuller figure.

No factory productions here. Each garment is individually cut then sewn. I provide unique garments with that
individual quality. Stand out in the crowd, in a classic Maree Designs.
25 years experience sewing and selling at the Christchurch Art Centre at the Weekends.

I started to design garments that swing and did not cling in 2009 when I ended up with my Stoma.

I had my reversal in 2012. I was one of the lucky ones.

The earthquakes took there toll on my Mum. It was horrible I was in hospital having my reversal and in terrible pain when she passed away last year.

Forever in my heart and thoughts.