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Customers Dance.

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Click at the left the individual catalogue to view tops, skirts,  dresses, Midi dresses or long tops. Winter Collection.

I have over 2000 sales at Trade Me.  I use my Etsy Store so clients can also view the products before purchasing when they call around home.

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  Watch these instagram Videos I designed.

Stock sells fast so these garments may no longer be available.

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10 fashion garments

5 tye dye tops       

Dresses me modeling

skirts me modelling

Garments at etsy  

Me sewing in garage

Another me sewing

Me cutting patterns

Tik tok spinning fashion

Set up business part one

Set up business part two

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Tik Tok is a great place to get new clients with modelling the stock you purchase.  Simply talk about what you do daily.

I signed up with no understanding in September 2020.

I am starting the new year in 2021 with over 2200 followers.

Connect with me User Name mareedesigns.

Send me your TikTok User name so I can connect with you and share your posts.

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2021 Post        

Be sure to connect with me also at Instagram  User name mareedesigns.

I was amazed with this video post within one day over 100,000 views.

Jan 2021 I have 2210 Followers it will be interesting to watch this list grow throughout the year.