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With the Covid 19 Pandemic!  It is not about the money any more.
It is about the entertainment and friendships we all make at our Face Book Groups.
Keeping our minds active, stopping us from over load information with Covid 19  and going stir crazy.
Patience with a little persistence will equal profit in the not to distant future.

Showing entrepreneurs how to innovate with the right marketing solutions  Post Covid.

Long Term Goals are the way to succeed. YOU could have hundreds of Level One Members Generating Income over and over FOR YOU with simply promoting Our Family Network Of Sites.

Maree Designs is a Registered Business in New Zealand.

Developer and Co-Founder of the Dollar Wise Network. (Established 2009)

Gain an insight on how to transfer your business online.  Buy, Sell, Trade, Earn.

Using Our Dollar Wise Network to introduce your Cottage Industry, business branding for any Online Programs.

The STEPS are SIMPLE and Easy To FOLLOW. 

The Key is to LEARN STUDY AND PROMOTE GDI at the down line builder programs I will introduce you to.

  Register FREE to receive my GDI Boot Camp Training Series.

  Listen to the video's and activate your GDI Training Bonus.

What is affiliate marketing       
GDI Online For SFI Success      
2020 Remote Client Building Online
Ecommerce Future Online 2021

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  View Our GDI Power Of Three Program. Set this as your Three Month Goal.

I Started to reinvest my commissions in 2012, purchasing new GDI domains Adding Kiwitalk for my NZ blog. Then ABC4Income in 2016 for everything SFI Related.


Five Step Set Up. 

1.. Make your first task setting up your Power Of Three Network.

2.. Shop at Maree's ECA Store for all your affiliate marketing requirements.

3.. Follow our Daily Work Schedule. Leveraging your income with numerous online opportunities.

4.. Earn from all down line team spending.  One Link Numerous income streams.

5.. If you live in New Zealand Join Our Kiwi Club.

Step #1:  Sign up to Our Network Family Of Sites.

ABC4Income in to win monthly. Blast this splash page at all the down line builder programs.

Set aside one day to join and enter your links to all our down line builder programs.

This is how you leverage your income as your team duplicate the same system. Signing up via their sponsors links.

Step #2:  Register to receive Maree's Boot Camp Training Series.

Check all emails for daily training articles and news updates for our Family Network Of Sites.

Make sure you have joined these sites at ABC4income from my down line builder links.  This is the power of duplication.

By the end of the training series. YOU should be quite the expert.

Knowing all their is to know about affiliate marketing.

Join Traffic Wave Here.

Design your own splash page with campaign. Capturing emails, building a client base with repeat sales.

Traffic Wave Campaign walk through Video By Maree.

Step #3: Lock in at Maree's ECA store your Bitcoin Training guide. Earn from all your SFI Referral Spending.

You will need to register Free Top Left at Triple Clicks to access my store.

Want A Page Like This  Lock into GDI Our Domain Provider.

Use the easy design webmaster at GDI to duplicate this page changing my links to yours.

Our Dollar Wise Network works far better than going it alone.
It gives both you and your referrals a method to establish an affiliate business through team work. 

7 day free trial nothing to lose everything to gain.
GDI Was The VERY First affiliate program Maree joined in 2009. Great easy to follow video's in the back office.

Maree Designs is a registered business in New Zealand.

Sale leads System with ever lasting growth! Year In Year Out.

Your one stop learning while earning, shopping and selling zone.

Simple step by step Affiliate Training Series In A Box.

Team growth with spillover, full support Via Newsletters.

Easy Down line builder to Explode any Core business.

Make this the year to explode your Online Presence.

   Video Guide Set Up.

GDI set up page     

GDI design webpage

Newbies Struggling I offer to design your Power Of Three Web Page.  
Changing my banner links etc to yours.

WHY join copy cat sites, when you can join the Original Working From Home On Line Program.
With learning how to operate a Mini-Office Outlet from the comfort of your own home using your computer and putting into action the training received with Checking your Emails Daily.

🌹  You can feel SAFE in The KNOWLEDGE that you will not be ripped off and Our Venture will be still on line  

TODAY, TOMORROW. And forever in the FUTURE.

They say take care of your business until your business can take care of you.
Maree's expenses to set up her business in the beginning, were in the thousands.
She has done all the donkey work for you.

We OFFER Online Solutions to all your affiliate marketing questions.
Setting goals and reviewing them regularly is critical for leadership climbing and earning. 

Just imagine if every member upgrades their memberships at our down line builder programs.
Every member would “instantly” have 10+ upgraded referrals.
Huge down line's, and we would “ALL” be making some serious monthly income with numerous different income resources! Earning from all our SFI team Purchases at Maree's Triple Click ECA Store.
You could generate thousands of members in your Down line team duplicating the same system.