Joining Programs.

How do I build my down line at SFI? I invested my commissions in 2015 Launching DWSEarner My One Stop Work Station Communicating with all my team and friends at the One Location.  I communicate via the surf chat bar telling everyone where I am advertising SFI. While Offering Fab Prize Giveaways for Participation. I have added a great down line builder program, reference video library with training articles for everyone to start their on line journey.

THE KEY is to promote One Business, building that business before moving on to new ventures.

Each and every month my business at SFI grows with being rewarded with New CSA Members in my team.

I have found a lot of members flick here there and everywhere having no daily structure.

SFI Introduces Bit Coin. Listen to the video ready to build your portfolio in 2018.


THESE are the ONLY Links I promote!




Your Team Will Duplicate the same system, signing up Via your links listed at the down line builder sales funnel generator at Maree Designs. Successful paid advertising campaigns can be increased "quickly" and with reliable results.  Start where you're at and reinvest half your profits each month for the first six months.
We call this the "snow ball effect". Some call it "pyramiding your profits".
This concept is exactly what I did early in my career to build up to a full-time income.Investing and building my Sales Funnel for promoting SFI and Maree Designs on Auto Pilot.  SFI looks overwhelming  but it is drop dead simple.

Start with baby steps, that will turn into giant leaps.  Set aside an hour to read these training articles.

I guarantee you will return often.

I suggest to set up a new G Mail Account To Register Free for my Training Series.



SFI how to read


Daily to Do At SFI. Click All Red Tabs. Spend half an hour reading the Forum.


Now, by turning all 12 tabs green, you can grab an extra entry each day and significantly increase your chances of winning valuable, business-building prizes. (These may verify after this page was designed.)

The most important thing to do is log in at the Affiliate Center every day and review the tabs on your homepage.

REMEMBER Daily.  Before Logging out of the Games to Click above the Purple Box and Claim FREE EXTRA ENTRY.

REMEMBER Daily.  Before Logging out of SFI to return to the home page and Claim FREE EXTRA ENTRY into the DAILY GRAND.

You Decide Your Level Of Earnings. The more participation the higher your rewards.

SFI is drop dead simple.  Refer. Sponsor. Duplicate.   No need to make it more complicated than it seems.

Set your goals monthly and for the first year work every day towards achieving those goals.

Effective today, (Nov 13th 2017) SFI have increased the number of winners with the Daily Grand each day from 250 to 410!  They have also Made the amazing NEW Rewardicals the exclusive prize for the Daily Grand.









   My Thought for the day..

1. Do not over analysis things and do not be afraid to take a few risks.
2. Always think positive, optimistic thoughts attract positive out comes.
3. Create a realistic time frame for your goals to help motivate you into actions.
4. Do not listen to negative people.
Remember whenever some one undermines your dreams.
They are telling you their story, MINE.
5. Check in daily to the Surf Chat Bar at DWSEarner for updates and Admin Watch Winners.

Whether it be SFI GDI TWave AIOP GVO. Use Maree Designs to build any core business.

Members that started to use my Dollar Wise Blue Print when I launched DWSEarner in 2015.

Are now making enough commissions to pay for their monthly upgrade at SFI.

Do you have an SFI ECA Store..  Purchase this package!


Then send me your link to add to our Shopping Page.


Daily Planner I use for Team Building SFI. 

An hour per day will send money your way.

I multitask checking all my emails.  I send all unwanted emails to my spam folder.

  Start at SFI Then check into Our Facebook Group for updates.


How to avoid hacking and fishing emails. Always log in from this link.

Refer to your Launch Pad Training.             

Check Weekly and Update your ID's At the down line builder Maree Designs. I update them often.
Once I finish doing my Daily Tasks. Clicking all red tabs and making sure they are green!
I move on to Dwsearner Maree Designs And ABC4income. (View SFI Videos Here.) Chatting with members.
We then as a group surf the same sites on the same days, all at the same locations, gaining massive exposure.
It is now up to each individual to set the plan into motion. YOUR actions will determine your earnings.
I have done all the donkey work for you, investing thousands of dollars and hours designing these training articles.
Most important have your SFI Auto Delivery Order set in place. Remember when planting a seed it needs nurturing to grow. I make this my first monthly investment before anything else.

Daily Participate at these Advertising Portholes before moving on.




Every Monday I check and connect with any New ECA Stores in New Zealand.

I also check out ECA stores that offer Free Shipping To New Zealand.

View a few stores I have found and spent with. 


click the Growth Tab at SFI then at the right click Where the Triple click banner is. Local ECA Stores. 

I then go check my SFI Gift Cards. If I need more I purchase them.


Remember to select Digital Products saving $13 on Postage.          http://www.kiwitalk.ws/SFI_Gift_Cards

I also Buy One T Credit Weekly with my MRP Reward Points. Receiving 102 Sale VP.

I surf Click Voyager  for extra double advertising bonuses the sites offer.


I check my Top Movers Page and introduce myself to all my new CSA Team Members.

Find A list of posts I send here. Remember to change my links to yours.


It is amazing how each month my Top Movers List Changes.

My top mover is a CSA member who joined SFI in 1998. Can you imagine my surprise when I saw Gery was added years ago.

The beauty of being a Team Leader. You received reassigned CSA Monthly. CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates)

who were previously assigned a Co-Sponsor but were forfeited due to the Co-Sponsor not maintaining required EA status.

These forfeited CSAs are reassigned to Team Leaders on approximately the 15th of each month.

Some of these members are my top money spinners. I earn with each purchase they make. 

I send a  post weekly to all my team Via the genelogy Tab. 

I also send Posts weekly to all members connected with my ECA Store. 

If you have a store log into your ECA Account and click the ECA/Customer Mailer to send updates and offer bonuses to all your customers.


I play the Games Daily. But every Wednesday I go and add at Facebook and twitter my Challenge Code.

It is better to do it just one day a week, so your face book is interesting. 

Set up A King Card League for your team.  Do not close box when you finish the game.

At the bottom right click where the Green Arrow is pointing to generate your challenge code.

Blast this at Face Book and twitter etc.  YOU can only challenge people that are not with SFI.

Each new referral earns you a 120-days W3 membership (with the clock resetting to 120 days each time you make a new referral). 

So, as long as you make at least one referral every 120 days, you'll always be a W3 member and eligible for all W3 benefits.

Ideal for newbies who have little cash. Click View Earn then promote DWSEarner Daily.

Admin has been upgraded here for years. This is the only Paid to Click site Maree belongs to.

They are the cheapest site to purchase log in adds and advertising packages to build any down line with any program. 


Every Thurs I click the SFI TC Tab above and share the Daily Deal to Facebook and Twitter.

With doing it just once a week, my face book friends start to log in to see what the weekly deal is I post.

I also Click some Old interesting SFI News Letter Share Buttons to Facebook.

YOU will see at the bottom of the page the Share Buttons.




Every Friday I check my Power Tool Hit Tracking for SFI.


See how I have added a code. Every site I list my advertising at. I add an individual code to track.

I write a list on my computer to refer back to. 

This is how I sort out the time wasters and decide where to invest with advertising.

NEVER invest heavy with any new site. Test the waters first.



Every second Saturday 

I go and visit My Local Market. Inviting Stall holders to my Coffee Mornings I hold every Second Sunday.

Clean up your G Mail Daily.  Sending any unwanted emails send to spam. 

There are way to many fishing sites. Trying to rip people off.

I suggest to tick the box at the left beside emails you do not know. 

Above hover your mouse over the Envelope icon. A box will appear saying Move to.  Click the V A drop down box will appear. Click spam. 

At the Left under where it reads G Mail. Scroll down to where it reads Spam.  Click this. Above in Blue writing you will see.

Delete all spam messages now. Tick this.  
A Box will appear saying confirm all deleted messages tick OK>  Do this every 3-5 day


Every second Sunday I hold a Coffee Morning.  Introducing new family and friends to SFI. 

Remember the days when we all hosted Avon Or Tupperware Parties.  Paying a fortune for the kits.

SFI is brilliant as there is no set up cost.

I have ready to show my friends all the goodies I have received with the SFI Leader Ship Challenges.

I also show them what I have purchased Via other ECA stores that supply postage to New Zealand FREE.

Start Building up your Triple Click Sample kit monthly. Purchasing samples to show to family and friends.


Did you know, our store is your personal store? As an SFI affiliate, you are more than a customer! You are our partner.

I explain to them all that some items I have to pay for postage. But the beauty is I just use my commissions, that I am buying everyday household items that are already added to my household budget. So no out of pocket expenses. I also offer incentives of free presents for bringing a few friends with them.

Remember to have some goodies to reward people for their shopping. Also think of some games to entertain your friends.

I often purchase when I see great items on sale at ECA stores as my giveaways at these home viewing sessions.   I also use the gifts I received from SFI from the Leadership Challenges.

Spread the word about your daily achievements, winnings, etc. DAILY GRAND Drawing! You won: 100 VP. 

All my upgrades are paid with my commissions, so no out of pocket expenses.

It is quite interesting as long as my Yearly Upgrade Subscriptions remain active the price will never change.

Maree Designs Sponsors the Pick A Block and Monthly Raffle At DWSEarner. View how to participate.

DWSEarner!  Click Ads > Then Mini Branders. Set up your Triple Clicks and SFI promoting.

Return and repeat clicking Square Banners and setting them up. 

I promote on Auto Pilot all my SFI members advertising throughout my DWSearner Network.

Next click Account then Profile Page settings.

Duplicate mine and blast throughout our down line builder network listed at Maree Designs.


Return and Click Affiliate > Affiliate Tool Box. Copy your Promo Wall Link.

This advertises all your websites you have listed under adds in rotation. 

Your Promo Wall

Your DWS Earner Promo Wall is an easy way to earn referrals at DWS Earner while promoting your sites at the same time! Your Promo Wall will show one site and one banner that you have at DWS Earner with credits assigned to them. These extra hits do not deduct any credits from your sites.

All you need to do is promote YOUR  URL:  Change my Id 78 to yours.


Go and promote this link (make sure you have clicked above Adds > Websites adding link here.) at all the down line builder sites listed at Maree Designs. Unique and modern rotator. Shows all your Triple click and SFI links in rotation.

I suggest for all my SFI Team Leaders to duplicate the same system.

Sign up to GDI.  This is where you purchase your domain to design your SFI training website.

best little $10 Investment on Line. Proven and Paying Me Since 2009.


Send in a support ticket at DWSEarner once GDI is activated and I will design your SFI training website Free.

The beauty is. When you are off line. Your Team Still have access to your training website. 

I duplicate http://www.dwsearner.ws  Replacing my SFI links to yours.

I suggest to use the Rotator at ABC4Income to support team members.

Social Media. 30 Minutes a day, spend connecting with new members 


1,011 followers|25,677 views.   Google + is a great Free Platform to promote SFI. Duplicate My Posts.



Social Media is a great way to build your SFI down line FREE.

Connecting with members introducing them to your Dollar wise Network.

Refer 5 new members from your SFI team to Ap Sense Monthly and receive a Free Monthly Upgrade

ONCE A Week Log into GDI

Transfer new members to your established down line.

GDI Log into back office.                                  https://www.website.ws/members/index.dhtml

ONCE  A Week. Check my Word Press Blog for new articles I have listed.


Make sure to scroll down and click the follow button.  

ONCE  A Week. I log into Traffic Wave and send emails updating my SFI Team.


Access to your SFI Reference Library. Duplicate my SFI Campaign with splash page capturing email addresses. Building my SFI Client Base with repeat sales.


Register to receive my articles. Then duplicate them changing my Id to Yours.

Find It Complicated To Make Money Online?

Stress No More. Stay Focused! Stick to the Plan!

This is the Goal To Set As YOUR Target for the First Year

Set the task of earning $15 Monthly from each New Referral as they duplicate the same system at SFI!  Introducing their team to our Down Line Builder at Maree Designs.

This is just an estimate chart to give you an idea of Future Planning.

This is how I started years ago.

Training 5 members then these 5 members training 5 in their down line.



Sick of the hype, promise’s, failure to deliver & lack of support from your past opportunity’s. Stress no more. Make THIS the year to start generating a real income working on line.

Lock in Now to the original Work from home Program.

True 24/7 support for all your down line when off line, giving them access to your Cash Generating Website.  You can duplicate this page for any business.

McAfee test the sites I am surfing and block content that comes from potentially dangerous or suspicious sites. NEVER log into SFI PayPal OR PayZa Via ANY Email.

By learning to create your own lead system! You can then co-op that system with those you refer into SFI incorporating our Dollar Wise Network Blue Print. for maximum leverage.

Yes, support is critical, but lead generation is the life of your business.

Once you are participating daily and earning with your sale generating leads program.

Use some of your down line earnings to upgrade at the sites listed at Maree Designs Down line Builder.

Set your goals monthly and for the first year work towards achieving that goal.

"Gery Carson's Quote. Did you know that you usually have to fail, multiple Times, before you get to success? 

It was true for me and probably will be true for you too. Persist until you win.



1 TEAM  -  1 VISION  -  1 GOAL

What is BETTER than 1,000 active SFI referrals?

5-10 Different Down line builder Sites your referrals will join on Auto Pilot.

Duplicate this system for SFI OR Any Core Program you wish to expand.

SFI's Rock-Solid Track Record.

Since 1998, we’ve shown over 17 MILLION men and women, in more than 190 countries worldwide, how to create a 24/7 income stream! Yesterday alone, 3,362 people from 134 different countries became affiliates.

We are a Bronze 16-year member of the Better Business Bureau serving SE Nebraska.Click banner for details.

Our "Superstore" Triple Clicks.

SFI-Powered Triple Clicks  is one of the fastest growing and most popular e-commerce sites on the Web today. With over 90,000 products from around the world, 24-hour auctions, great online games and more, Triple Clicks has something for everyone--and that makes online selling lucrative and fun!

And with our exclusive profit-sharing program, you can share in the profits of EVERY sale at Triple Clicks!

Bit Coin! NOW AT SFI.

Welcome my name is Maree. I am a SFI Gold Team Leader.

My best tip for the year ahead! SFI introduces Bit Coin. THIS will be huge in 2018.

Register to the new REWARDICAL Program READY for 2018!

Enter Code!     aabcc9
It is very rare to be given the opportunity to join something right at the beginning.

Already with SFI use the same log in details.

Join the Rewardical Program if not with SFI First. THEN Sign up HERE...

All the proof you need for SFI Success. View my badges.

Invest your T Credits! Win T Credits to expand your business! Invest in EZ games! Invest in PB Auctions! Invest in TC Direct products.  Show Local ECA  Community Support.
“Win Win Situation” Creating quite the snow ball effect as your business grows larger day by day, month by month, year by year.

This video explains how to set up advertising etc.

This Video was designed way back in 2015, I have switched to payza payment processor no longer using PayPal for commissions to members that join My Dollar Wise Network.






   My SFI Team Competitions..

Feel free to duplicate the same system if not in my down line.

1. Purchase this package. I pool all the cash advertising in bulk monthly, sharing all new members that have locked into the big O with our team. Guaranteed spill over.


2. View this word press blog on how to communicate with your team.


3. Check my Leadership board and enter the monthly reward incentives I offer.


Only members in my SFI down line will be able to view SORRY. 


Treat SFI as a real job where you have to turn up to work.
BUT instead of leaving home you simply walk over to your computer for the hour you are employed.
Opt in in preparation for when you meet the other requirement(s) for being a DD.

Keep always in mind and refer back often to the Launch Pad Training series.

   SFI Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/sfipays

10   Affiliates will win 500 Rewardicals! 

200 Affiliates will win 500 Rewardicals! 

200 Affiliates will win 500 Rewardicals!   

THAT IS 18,000 Rewardicals awarded each day and 6.6 million Each Year.  All Rewardicals won can be instantly redeemed at the Rewardical Exchange.  www.Rewardical.com/Exchange  YOU will receive an email notification each time you win.. Learn More about Rewardicals HERE...