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Traffic Marketer Pro.

E- Commerce Website for everything Bitcoin Related.

Traffic Marketer Pro is a digital product promotion online service that only pays affiliate commissions Via Bitcoin for purchases made by your direct referrals.
We are not an MLM, matrix, pyramid scheme or get-rich-quick program.
We operate a 1-tier affiliate program and there is no 2nd tier affiliate program or MLM structure involved with our site at all.

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NEWBIES UNSURE! When you click the coin payment button.

Copy and paste the Wallet Address and Amount of Bitcoin To Send.
Go And log into Block Chain. Click at the left.
BITCOIN Click Above Send. Copy and paste the Wallet Id and Cash To Send.

The Best Trained Team with a 24 months focus and all out massive promotions!  Wins. 

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When JOINING Traffic Marketer Pro.

HOW to pay with Bitcoin.

Be sure to view the One Time Offer.
I use coin payments as the payment processor.
A box will open.
Copy and paste the bitcoin wallet address.
Copy and paste the amount to pay our wallet.
Leave the window open.
Log into your block chain account to make payment.
Click at the left bitcoin or ether, to open the wallet you selected to make the payment with.
Click above Send. Copy and paste the wallet address.
Copy and paste the amount of bitcoin, ether or dollars to send.

Then click the send tab.