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Standard Gig! Member ship sites.

On line Entrepreneur & Mentor.  Introducing A Complete A-Z online business video setup in a Box.

Place your Order at my Fiverr Store to have your video designed.

Basic and Standard Gig Videos are approx 50 - 60 Seconds.

All Video Gig purchases start with a pre-written script, with music in the back ground.


Your email address and Introduction Text Line.

The Template Preloaded Script Video for the Basic Or Standard Gig Video you wish to be designed!
Affiliate marketing.
Internet marketing.
E commerce.
Digital Product Reseller
Membership sites.

YOUR Photo to insert into the background of the Video. (Must be 1200 x 1200)

OR select from the photo library below.

IF Selected Premium. 4 Text Lines to insert in the outro of the video. View examples below.

   Basic Video Design.  Back Ground Photo Of your choice.

   Standard Video Design intro and outro photo's added with 4 second timer.

   Premium Video Design can be the EZ Spokes person with 4 Outro Tex lines.

I can also use a different video app where I can insert the words of your choice.

View the examples then let me know which video you would like me to use for the photo back grounds.

See how many words are associated with each clip then send me the words you wish inserted.

Confused send me a copy of approx 100 words then I can arrange them into the video.

Maree Designs at Fiverr
Social Media Set up                                    
Maree Designs Set Up

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   Examples of Premium Ez Spokes Person Video Designs!

Change the 4 outro power point examples you see to be relevant to your business opportunity.. Send me your website Splash Page to change the ABC Photo.

Website Owners Select this video.

DWsearner Communication Work Station

SFI Members Select this video.
Online Income with a SFI Gold Team Leader

Select this video for Social Media Networks.

Adding your Apsense, IBO, Webtalk Gateway links.
Webtalk Your Future On line.


Basic! Facebook Video.

Standard!  Digital Products.

Standard Gig! Mobile Device.

Standard! Email Marketing.

Basic! Bitcoin Membership Site.

Basic! Triple Click Seller Or Business Owner

  Photo Library.  YOU may not copy or use these photos for commercial purposes.

I have paid for these photos and hold the copy write to them.

They are the photo's clients may select from, to use to as Intro and Outro Selections.

  If ordered Premium at my Bitcoin Store. Select one for the Intro and Another for the Outro.

Standard! E Commerce

Standard!  SFI Digital Products

World Expose

Traffic Problem

Video Magic



Bitcoin Generator

Mobile Engage

Central Hub

Team Builder

Newbie Online

Admin Watch

In To Win

Ticket Winners

Monthly Prizes

Team Leaders.

   Examples of Basic Gig Ez Spokes Person Video Designs!

  While I am designing your Video.

Start with setting up a FREE Utube Channel ready to save the video's I will design for you when you purchase at my fiverr Store.

Listen to the instructions I found at U tube on how to set up your U Tube Channel.

Explains how to upload videos etc.
Then you can generate the embedded code + a link to share in emails, social media posts etc.

   Examples of Standard Gig Ez Spokes Person Video Designs!

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Introducing them to our NEW Video Club.

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Lock in your video design at Maree's Fiverr Store.

She has just set up a new U Tube channel to start hosting all the videos she designs for clients at her Fiverr Store.

This way you can add a three line subscription for her to insert to the U tube listing.

Instead of people being sent to her personal utube channel with my links.
They will be sent to your links she will insert.

One Time Payment life time hosting of each video she designs.
NOW you will be able to generate the embedded code + the video link to share in emails, social media posts etc. 

Great to add to already existing websites you may own.
Check out this page for examples of videos she designs.
Let your imagination run wild.

Have you designed videos already but have no U Tube Account to host them at.
YOU may pay for the basic package for Maree to host YOUR Own video DESIGNS for three months. 
Imagine your growth as every one starts sharing their videos.
All their customers will have access to all our teams videos listed.

Cheers XXXX Your Name Here.

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