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Standard Gig! Member ship sites.

On line Entrepreneur & Mentor.  Introducing A Complete A-Z online business video setup in a Box.

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Power Point Videos. Videos are approx 50 - 60 Seconds.

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All Video Gig purchases start with a pre-written script, with music in the back ground.

Each Gig includes Video Extras added in the design.

   Basic Video Design.  Back Ground Photo Of your choice.

   Standard Video Design intro and outro photo's added with 4 second timer.

   Premium Video Design 4 Outro Power Points + changing 3 photos.


   Examples of Premium Video Designs!

Change the 4 outro power point examples you see to be relevant to your business opportunity.. Send me your website Splash Page to change the ABC Photo.

Website Owners Select this video.

DWsearner Communication Work Station

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Online Income with a SFI Gold Team Leader

Select this video for Social Media Networks.

Adding your Apsense, IBO, Webtalk Gateway links.
Webtalk Your Future On line.

Basic! Facebook Video.

Standard!  Digital Products.

Standard Gig! Mobile Device.

Standard! Email Marketing.

Basic! Bitcoin Membership Site.

Basic! Triple Click Seller Or Business Owner

  Photo Library.  YOU may not copy or use these photos for commercial purposes.

I have paid for these photos and hold the copy write to them.

They are the photo's clients may select from, to use to as Intro and Outro Selections.

  If ordered Premium at my Bitcoin Store. Select one for the Intro and Another for the Outro.

Standard! E Commerce

Standard!  SFI Digital Products

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